Building a strong foundation

Give your child the best early education at St. John’s Early Literacy Preschool. We firmly believe in an early childhood curriculum that is developmentally appropriate for the preschool children in our care. We give careful consideration to the appropriateness and merit of each and every activity we plan as well as the equipment and materials we select for use in the classroom. We consult the Foundations to the Indiana Academic Standards for Young Children (from birth to age 5) as put forth by the Indiana Department of Education and Family and Social Services Administration, Division of Family Resources, Bureau of Child Care and endorsed by the National Association for the Education of Young Children as a guide in this area.

Children with a broad base of experiences have strong vocabularies and knowledge about the world around them that prepare them to be good readers. We provide children with an environment saturated with books and print of all kinds and model for them a love of reading and the power of the printed word. Activities centered around music, singing, rhyming, riddles and manipulation of words and sounds help children develop an ear for language.

We uphold the physical development of children as vital in helping each child reach his or her learning potential. To this end, we have incorporated the MINDS-In-Motion program into our curriculum. Our children participate daily in numerous physical activities designed to strengthen their small and large motor skills, develop eye-hand coordination, improve balance and create brain-body connections that prepare them for reading and all other learning.

Our daily classroom schedule

Morning activities
Preschool day begins
Morning snack
Circle time
Focus activities
Dismissal for Preschool only children
Lunch for childcare children
Afternoon Snack
Afternoon activities