CCDF Approved

Immerse your child in a rich learning environment

St. John’s Early Literacy Preschool is focused on helping children establish and strengthen the strong foundational skills and experiences they will need for success in school and learning throughout life.

Our learning skill programs

Early Learning

We spend time each day reading quality children’s literature. The themes in these books work their way into other areas of the classroom. Before long your child will identify their own favorite authors and illustrators and request these stories often at home and at school. Our listening center and comfortable, child-sized reading corner furniture and story rug give all of the children several cozy environments in which they can enjoy books from our library.

Our classroom learning environment will surround your child with print of all kinds. The literacy center provides all of the various writing and drawing materials needed to practice emerging writing skills. Your child will enjoy daily encounters with letters and their sounds, environmental print and rhymes. Opportunities to manipulate and enjoy words and sounds help develop a passion for the written and spoken word. Field trips, stories and other classroom experiences expand your child’s vocabulary and prepare him/her for success in reading.

Our emphasis on early learning experiences extends into the areas of math and science. We work on patterns, number recognition, counting, one-to-one correspondence, writing numbers and other math concepts involving classification, comparisons, and measurements. Your child will have many hands-on opportunities to learn the meaning of math terms such as more, less, most, least, all, and equal.

Our science center is filled with interesting items that invite your child to explore: leaves, seeds, bones, magnets, magnifying glasses, rocks, shells and reference materials. Children’s curiosity is also ignited during weekly classroom science experiments.

Social & Emotional Skills:

Your child’s preschool experience will help him/her develop many social and emotional skills that are necessary for the development of friendships and a successful transition into kindergarten and other social settings. Most of our preschool activities will in one way or another give your child experience following a daily schedule, working within a group, taking turns, following directions and navigating the complicated world of preschool play. We will help your child develop the skills necessary to care for his/her belongings, manage personal care needs and effectively seek help when necessary

Physical Skills:

Between working through the MINDS-In-Motion Maze or enjoying music and movement activities in the classroom, your child will spend at least 30-45 minutes of each preschool day participating in physical activities such as skipping, hopping, crawling, rolling, playing catch, and using equipment such as balance boards and balance beams. These experiences not only help your child become healthy and strong, they also provide many opportunities to refine, strengthen and challenge the body’s sensory systems. Strong sensory systems make learning easier and help your child reach his/her potential intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically.